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Leading the Way to Worldwide Opportunities……

As a trade consultant and information broker, BEDI International Inc. is involved in the promotion of international trade and provides a platform to global markets for those that are keen to access the latest market opportunities on the world stage.

Conveniently located in Ontario, Canada, BEDI International Inc. assists companies by offering a range of business development services specifically tailored to their expansion needs.

International Export Strategy

For companies that seek export opportunities and have selected their target market, BEDI International Inc. recommends the appropriate export strategy by assessing critical aspects of the country, including the local economy, customers, competition and the political and regulatory environment.

Market Entry Strategy

Based on BEDI International Inc. 's trade experience on the global market scene, the firm provides advice on the most suitable market entry strategy. This can be by way of joint-venture, franchise, license agreement, agent or trading house or the set-up of a new production facility or office.

International Matchmaking

According to the field of activity, a list of key contacts will be established in the target market. This is usually done by presenting an informational package on the expertise of the client to the key decision maker of a firm or group. An appointment will be arranged after an expression of interest has been received. The same applies to locating investors for a project. In this case information on the project owner and the project are provided to potential investors.

Export Management

BEDI International Inc. provides advice on project financing options and insurance and, in general, assists with business plan development and implementation.

The Management of BEDI International Inc. has built a network of valuable contacts around the world and has in-depth knowledge of Canadian/US, European, Chinese, Malaysian, Indian and Middle Eastern culture, geography and economics due to work experience in those markets. In Middle East the focus is on the Persian Gulf Region.

BEDI International Inc. has excellent knowledge of various industries with special emphasis on design and construction, healthcare and education.

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