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Investing in Canada

Investment decisions are not easily made with so many choices around the globe and so many promising markets.

If expansion into a foreign market is being considered, the answer to where and why has to be found first.

If the goal is diversifying and penetrating the North American market, then investing in Canada makes sense. Access to the US market can be gained by establishing a base in Canada first.

Canada is made up of ten provinces and three territories and is the second largest country in the world, covering the entire northern part of the North American continent, with the exception of Alaska . The land area is 9,093,507 sq. km. Canada has an aboriginal population and an immigrant population. In 2006 Canada had 31, 612, 897 inhabitants. The two official languages are French and English.

Canada is a technologically advanced country with an excellent education and healthcare system. The future looks bright.

Canada is close to the United States and for this reason the two countries have many common characteristics. However the Canadian market place is unique and Canadians strive to maintain their own identity and values.

In Canada , a business can be established as a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and Limited Partnership or as a Corporation. Which form is the most appropriate for an enterprise has to be carefully thought through.

Consideration should also be given to the political climate, regulatory environment, corporate tax system and the economic outlook where an enterprise wants to set up shop.

Canada 's economic outlook is generally good. Some variations exist among the business sectors. Canada 's political climate is stable, the regulatory environment and corporate tax system are considered business friendly. Labor costs and production costs are lower than in the United States and Europe . The workforce is well trained, highly educated and hard working. Productivity is judged as comparable to Europe or higher.

What means would be needed for the distribution of goods, will most certainly depend on the product, bearing in mind Canada's land size, time difference, population clusters and extreme temperatures in some areas. The transport infrastructure includes generally well- maintained highways, large ports, modern airports and railways with significant links to the United States .

Canada is a very beautiful country and rich in natural resources. The lifestyle is similar to that of other western nations. In general, life in Canada is very good.

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