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Special Services

Contract work conducting information research projects for businesses, non-government and government organizations, agencies and private individuals.

Contract work referring to market expansion activities in North America , Europe , the Middle East and Asia.

Above includes international trade training geared to specific markets and cultural training.

Assistance, in English or German, can be provided by phone, fax, e-mail, by mail or on-site. An appropriate fee will be charged for the various types of services.

Additional Information on Market Expansion Activities and the Services that are being provided:

• Preparation of effective market analysis relevant to client's expansion needs
• Advice on market entry strategy in North America and abroad (in particular European Union countries,
   Turkey, the Persian Gulf Region, Malaysia, Hong Kong/China, Singapore and India)
• Global sourcing
• Locating business partners, investors and sponsors
• Representation at trade shows and exhibitions
• Assistance with production facility start-up or set-up of subsidiary office (worldwide)

Purchase and Sales Assistance with Technology and Equipment

• Building technology and green technology
• New and used construction equipment and utility vehicles (incl. tracked excavators, mobile excavators,    wheel loaders, loader backhoes, dozers, rollers, graders, paving machinery, cold milling machines,
   commercial vehicles, trailers, hydraulic mast–climbing work platforms, mast-climber that can be towed,
   hydraulic portable cranes, fork lifts, etc.) Modifications can be facilitated.
• Equipment produced by steel industry (slitting line, tube mould, liquid steel car, E-magnet traverse, etc.)
• Practical seminars on road building techniques can be scheduled in Germany

Procurement of Experts for Design and Construction Projects

Project Types:

Healthcare Projects, Education Projects and Corporate Projects
Property Development Projects (retail, dining, residential, commercial)
Ecological Master Planning and Landscape Architecture Projects
Logistics Projects (warehousing and transport)
Specialist Planning for Meat and Food Industry

Business Orientation Tours – Special Interest and Incentive Trips

Customized business trips and market orientation tours to North America and abroad (investing, sourcing, sales and marketing)

Project orientation tours to booming markets for investors, developers, architects, construction companies or business leaders that are interested in large-scale projects

Special interest trip planning to exotic destinations (sports, sightseeing, exploration, gardens around the world tours, Canadian heritage parks tours and visit to First Nations People)

Industrial Development

In cooperation with a team of experts, BEDI International Inc . provides assistance to clients with building site selection, acquisition and additional services that are essential for industrial development in Canada/USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, UAE and other Gulf States, Turkey, Malaysia, Hong Kong/China, Singapore and India.

Private Property Acquisitions

Expertise is available for clients that intend to purchase private property in Canada (residences, chalets and cottages). Property prices for chalets and cottages in prime locations have doubled and tripled in the past few years but are still considered reasonable compared to those in Europe . Property acquisitions in prime Toronto locations or the GTA (Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Markham) have turned out to be a lucrative undertaking even if those properties were acquired only a year ago.

BEDI International Inc. cooperates with a network of experts around the globe!

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